Anastasia Vlasova


Hailing from Russia, Anastasia began dancing at the age of 7, quickly becoming part of Russia's biggest ballet production Todes. By the age of 12, Anastasia was already performing with many of Russia's biggest artists including Dima Bilan, Alex Sparrow, Ani Lorak, NK and A-studio.

Anastasia is able to bring a wealth of cultural and stylistic experience to each individual client having studied her art all across the globe, from her original training in Russia to the world-renowned Millenium Dance Complex (LA), Barcelona Institute of the Arts and most recently here in the UK attending Pineapple, Base & Studio 68 regularly alongside teaching her own pop-up classes at Base Studios & Hub Studios.

Having recently moved to London, Anastasia is set to take the UK dance scene by storm!


Tropicana • Gay Pride Stiges Opening Ceremony • Adidas • Poland Mens Volleyball Championship Opening Ceremony • Stiges Movie Festival • TK Maxx • Base Studios • Hub Studios • Studio 68


Russian • Polish • Spanish • Driving • Choreography • Creative Directing • Qualified Personal Trainer • Yoga • Stretching • Motivational Speaker