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Mike Jack


Born in Syria, Mike Jack's love for music and dancing began at the early age of 5 when his father brought a VHS tape home which featured the Thriller music video, instantly sparking Mike's love for all things Michael Jackson.

For him, Michael isn't just about Thriller, moonwalking or being a great singer, dancer, writer or performer. Michael's message was to spread love, break racial barriers, heal the world, take care of our planet, and look at ourselves in the mirror if we want to make the world a better place! - This has now become Mike's message to carry forth.

Mike has enjoyed an illustrious career taking his MJ act worldwide from Dubai to the USA, Africa and beyond, working and performing for TV Channels, Newspapers, Magazines, Radio, and even The Jackson's themselves ...

Mike's ultimate goal is to change the public perception of Michael Jackson, who he strongly believes was a misunderstood genius, hoping to help audiences gain a deeper appreciation for the real MJ, showcasing the incredible talent and compassionate spirit that made him an icon and keep his unmatchable legacy alive forever.

Mike Jack, is a well-respected international Michael Jackson Tribute Artist, impersonator, and lookalike. He has enthralled audiences for over 20 years with his unique performances on and off stage. His originality, both online and offline, cannot be matched! Mike's show stands out from all others with its world-class dancing skills, theatrical performance, and charisma. From the high-grade costumes and makeup to the ability to accurately recreate any of MJ's looks from the 1970s to 2009, it's sure to give its audiences an unforgettable experience


So You Think You Can Dance • The Chance • Arabs Got Talent • Pepsi • Atlantis Hotel • Millionaire Mansion • Virgin Mega Store • Iris Yacht Club • MBC 1 Morning Show • Rotanat TV • Khalejea TV • AI AN TV • Dubai TV • Time Out • Khalej Times • AI Quds • Highlight Alliance •


Michael Jackson Tribute Artist • Professional Dancer • Dance Instructor • Choreographer • Music Producer • Filmmaker • Creative Director • Content Creator

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