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Our 20+ years working within the casting process means 3RINGS possess all the knowledge, experience and connections needed to identify the UK's best dancers, actors & models for your roles. Curating high-quality materials, footage and references, our service will allow you to make an educated decision on the talent you employ.

We have worked across a diverse range of industry fields, including Theatre, Live Production, Video Campaigns, Photoshoots, International Tours and more ... 

Niche or mass casting we've got you covered with all the tools and attributes needed to make live auditions, self-tapes, digital suggestions or a mixture of them all an overwhelming success.

We believe a successful casting process is built upon 3 crucial elements: Efficiency, Communication & Quality. As such, we strive to deliver a stress-free, exciting and personable service which puts our clients at ease, knowing that their vision is always maintained and expectations will undoubtedly be delivered upon.

Check out the way we work below and email us to discuss your upcoming projects which need casting.

We look forward to working with you ...

3RINGS Background

Our Process

Let's Get Creative

Contact us via email ( to discuss your brief, project, budget, timelines & requirements.

External Casting

Looking for a wider-reaching casting search. Let us utilise our extensive contacts across the industry to source out the best talent for your project.

internal Casting

For a quick, effiecient, though still high class service we can cast amongst our own exquisite talent here at 3RINGS.

Check out your options

Ready for the digital world?

We can collate an organised folder of tapes, reels, media and information for you, detailing the attributes and abilities of the talent we have identified for you to peruse in your own time.

Rather do things in person?

Let us organise your live casting at a studio/location of your choosing which allows you the best opportunity to see your options in action whilst getting an idea of their personality and temperament.

Want to be extra thorough in your search?

We can even do a mix of live and digital casting in order to identify the best candidate possible for your needs and requirements. If you looking for a more tailored process we're always happy to disccuss.

Why cast with 3RINGS?

  • Through over 20 years of work within the casting process, we have come to understand the intricate signs that a potential talent is right or wrong for the client, company and role they are applying for thus allowing us to give unparalleled insight and guidance into who is best for the role

  • With a casting team combining fresh & experienced minds we have a unique creative edge to provide trendsetting, modern and culturally relevant castings whilst staying true to age-old principles, classic methods and the professionalism you expect

  • As a longstanding company within the casting side of arts and entertainment, we have extensive links and connections worldwide allowing us to efficiently target and seek out exquisite talent no matter how niche and specific your brief may be

  • With experience across arena tours, opening ceremonies and live TV, no job is too big for the 3RINGS team. We understand the crucial elements which combine to form a productive, collaborative and professional company allowing for talent and creatives to work seamlessly together in all environments

Stuart Bishop - 3RINGS

So, what are you waiting for?

Get in touch & cast with 3rings today ...

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