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company story

Originally founded in 2001 under the name Rudeye, the agency quickly rose to prominence supplying high-quality creative and performance talent to clients worldwide. Set apart by our youth and vision, Rudeye brought forth a new way of working in the performing arts, reshaping the world of artist management for the 21st century, thus becoming a key pioneer in the evolution of the commercial performance industry we see today.

Later rebranded as Love Rudeye, the agency went from strength to strength working with high profile clients from around the globe to create innovative, trendsetting creatives across the fields of live production, stage, screen, fashion, social media, corporate events, brand experiences and more.

The latest reinvention of the Rudeye brand, 3RINGS, sees our original founder, world-renowned choreographer and talent agent, Stuart Bishop collaborate with one of the industry's most promising agents Bailey James Muir to reinvigorate the Rudeye brand, carrying the company into the future. This partnership creates the perfect balance between youth and experience, providing the agency with a wealth of fresh ideas and future vision whilst maintaining the proven methods and practices of the Rudeye of old, enabling the company to continue to be a prominent leader in the arts and entertainment industry.

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About Us

the mission

Over the years the agency has garnered critical acclaim for its unwavering pursuit of improving the conditions, payment and treatment of dancers within the arts and entertainment industry. 

Through our management style, the LR mentor programme, side projects such as the #HIGHERLEVEL Network and a long-standing history of weekly classes at world-renowned studios such as Pineapple, Base and more, we have committed to educating performers on their true value, business mentality, nutrition, presentation, career development and more to aid them in their pursuit of success whilst enabling the avoidance of the common pitfalls of the industry.

3RINGS remain committed to the mission, striving to give back to the industry at every opportunity whilst continuing to act as a leader within the growing movement to give power back to the performer.

management style

Delivering a tailored service to each of our clients, we believe individuality should be honoured, celebrated and encouraged. As such we operate under a strategised process of artist brand development, covering:


  • Career Mentoring 

  • Social Media Optimisation

  • PR Opportunities

  • Networking Potential

  • Portfolio Development

  • Audition / Casting Preparation


And more …


With this method we can coach talent on maximising their marketing potential, thus boosting their physical & digital presence to organically generate greater quantities of work based opportunities whilst also allowing us to focus upon a long term vision for career progression; thus keeping talent on a consistent trajectory towards their true goals and ambitions.


3RINGS guarantee all talent an efficient, personable and proactive management style, giving our artists confidence that they’re on the right path with every aspect of their professional identity being expertly cared for, maintained and developed. Our committed team consistently explore all areas of the performing arts, entertainment and media industries sourcing casting potential and networking opportunities world wide to present talent with the best chance of success in their chosen field.


Meet the team

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